Marvel’s Avengers | Gameplay At 60 FPS on 2080 Ti (60 FPS)

Marvel’s Avengers on high-end PC is SMASHING. Played on an RTX 2080 Ti, with ULTRA detail and NVIDIA effects at 60 FPS.       ♦ Buy The Game on Play-Asia discount 5% with the code CONTRA ♦

Oninaki | 4K & 60 FPS Gameplay on PC

Oninaki | 4K & 60 FPS Gameplay on PC with 2080 Ti  

Gears 5 | 1080p vs 1440p vs 2160p | Full Benchmark on 2080 Ti

Here is a complete Benchmark of the GEARS 5 PC game on Nvidia 2080 Ti. All details are set to maximum!     1080p: 1440p: 2160p: PC configuration: i9 9900KF 2080 Ti 16 RAM DDR 4 Game installed on SDD…

Gears 5 | Arcade DeathMatch | 4K & 60 FPS Gameplay

Gears 5: Arcade DeathMatch Online at 4K & 60 FPS Gameplay on  Nvidia 2080 TI (MAX DETAILS)     Tutorial:      

AWAY: The Survival Serie: Gilding Prototype | 4K Gameplay on 2080 Ti

Gliding Prototype showcases your ability to, well, glide as you embark on a frantic chase through the forest, canyons, and caverns to hunt down your prey. We also included a few easter eggs allowing you to possess other animals in…