Darksiders Genesis | 60 FPS MOD on Nintendo Switch

With a modded Nintendo Switch, it is possible to overclock the console’s CPU, GPU and memory. In this video I show you how the Darksiders Genesis game can change with a boost of: CPU=1785 | GPU=537 | MEM=1600    …

Darksiders Genesis | FRAMERATE Docked & Handheld on Nintendo Switch

Here is an analysis of the graphic comparisonand frame rate (Docked and Handheld) of the game Darksiders Genesis on Nintendo Switch.  

Darksiders Genesis | First 25 Minutes on Nintendo Switch

Explore the epic world of Darksiders and wreak havoc with a friend in two-player cooperative mode.   DARKSIDERS GENESIS is an action/adventure that tears its way through Hell and back with guns blazing and swords swinging.  Genesis gives players their…

Darksiders Genesis | First 30 Minutes of Gameplay | 4K & 60 FPS

DARKSIDERS: GENESIS gives players their first look at the world of DARKSIDERS before the events of the original game, as well as introduces the horseman STRIFE.